Web solutions for businesses, media and organizations

We provide web solutions for businesses, organizations and media!

Bread and Roses Web Solutions is a web design, development and marketing business.

Chuck Munson

With almost 20 years experience developing and designing web services for small clients and large organizations, Chuck has been creating innovative Internet services since before the Web became popular. He has developed websites for Kids With Courage Foundation, HIVandHepatitis.com, The Diastole Scholar’s Center, The Blue Nile Cafe and numerous organizations and businesses. He also has extensive experience as a librarian, editor, publication designer, conference planner, and much more.

William Thake

Formerly the Web master for LitLine.org and helped launch the website ItalianDesign360.com, a website by Reed Business, William started designing web sites in 2000, when the web was growing stale and web 2.0 hadn’t hatched. He has worked with Easyart.it, and LiP Magazine, and many other non-profit and for-profit websites.

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