One of the critical things today for restaurant success is a quality website that presents the restaurant’s brand and is easy to use by customers. An effective restaurant website puts the best foot forward for the business, is helpful to customers and turns customers into repeat customers and evangelists for
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WordPress Makes no sense to us why anybody would build their own CMS, given that you can do almost anything with WordPress, Drupal or Joomla. But hey, we’ve been doing web development for over 20 years, so we always hear about the young fancypants programmer who foolishly insists on re-inventing
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WordPress WordPress 4.8.1 Released, Adds Custom HTML Widget The 12 Worst Mistakes Advanced WordPress Developers Make 20 Popular WordPress User Interface Elements Gutenberg 0.5.0 Adds New Verse Block for Poetry and a New Display for Recent Blocks Publishers Are Moving Back to WordPress After Short Experiments with Medium WordPress Website
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WordPress 11 Design Mistakes WordPress Theme Buyers Usually Make Using the static factory method pattern with WordPress Learn from WP Buffs how to set your maintenance business apart How to Easily Duplicate a WordPress Post or Page The WordPress REST API for Non-Developers CSS Progressively Enhancing CSS Layout: From Floats
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WordPress The Most Complete 101+ Step WordPress Checklist Ever How Writers & Bloggers Can Make the Most of Markdown in WordPress We’ve had great results using CDN for our high traffic websites: 4 Reasons to Use a CDN for WordPress Contact Form 7 is solid for basic website contact forms,
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We are a but undecided after our initial encounter with the new design for Google News. In our design world, you try not to break things that have made your website, app or service successful. As news media people, we liked how Google News would provide access to articles on
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