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How Do You Feel About the New Google News Look?

We are a but undecided after our initial encounter with the new design for Google News. In our design world, you try not to break things that have made your website, app or service successful. As news media people, we liked how Google News would provide access to articles on any given search query from thousands of sources, often grouping them by the most current cluster of stories.

Other folks are starting to chime in, like Josh Constine over at Techcrunch:

Google’s brave new friendless feed

Our longstanding beef with Google News is its arbitrary decisions about which news services to not include in their indexing and results, which penalize independent media. Like it or not, Google serves as a gatekeeper to the Internet. Most Internet users find content via Google’s search services. When Google decides that a news service or publication doesn’t qualify for inclusion, it is exercising de facto censorship over that content.

One of the news services we volunteer with happens to be one of the oldest online news services (online for 23 years). It has been included in Google News in the past, then was delisted and re-instated after appeal. Three years ago, after a website re-design, Google News dropped the service and has refused our appeals. While Google may be penalizing the site for being a mixture of news aggregation and original stories, being shut out by Google News (and Facebook’s censorship) make it difficult for the site to find readers who will fund more original journalism, which is our goal.

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